Having trouble to hold your airbag while inflation? DunnageMate helps!


We're so proud to announce the launch of our new innovative product DunnageMate. With our DunnageMate, you can treat your “Jumbo Size” airbag as normal. No need to hold the airbags all the time while inflation. Simply leave it there when the inflation is completed. It’s easy to reuse and recycle. Please use with our airbags in order to offer total load securement to your cargo during transit


  1. Lightweight. Made of corrugated fiberboard which means no extra weight added to your cargo.
  2. Handsfree during operation.
  3. Cost effective.
  4. Reusable and recyclable.
  5. Use with AtmetOne and AtmetZero Dunnage air bags



Dimension: 28” x 12”



  1. Slide the airbag into preformed squares.
  2. Fold the upper two pieces to opposite direction.
  3. Simply hang the DunnageMate along with the airbag on your pallet.
  4. Start to inflate your airbag.




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